E.H. Perkins Construction


E.H. Perkins owns and operates three ready mix portland cement concrete production facilities

E.H. Perkins has been providing MassDOT [link] approved concrete for the the past 30 years

In addition to Federal and State concrete projects we have supplied commercial projects and local municipalities with quality concrete, some projects requiring up to 2000 cubic yards per day

Ready Mix Portland Cement Concrete Products
Commercial Concrete
Residential Concrete
Peastone Mix
Sidewalk Mix
Pump Mix
Lightwight Concrete
Floor Mix

Precast Concrete Products
Septic Tanks
Distibution Boxes
Leaching Chambers
Drain Manholes
Leaching Manhole
Catch Basins
Concrete Blocks

We have full time American Concrete Institute (ACI) [link] Certified field employees